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NONSTOP Aventura offers many services related to sports in general and adventure in particular. Check our services and if you do not find what you need, please contact us and we will study your needs.


NONSTOP Aventura provides timing service specifically dedicated to outdoor sports. We use the SPORTident system, world leader in adventure racing and orienteering, adapting its best features to make it the best timing and control system of sports events on the mountain.We time events such as:
• Trail Running

• Adventure Racing
• Adventure Racing
• Mountain Duathlons

NONSTOP Aventura provides reliable and immediate timing at the finish and intermediate controls, making it easy to establish, without added cost, the control points desired, even in the most inaccessible locations.      

SPORTident is a global management system, which facilitates categories and classifications routes and times of passage through all controls immediately. The results are delivered in Excel format, personalized interactive PDF or html to hang immediately on the website of race. The system offers maximum security in data processing and immediate verification step for all controls, with partial delivery of each runner at the moment of arrival times.

Advantages of the system:• Real-time results
• Ranking updates during the race• Unlimited intermediate Controls
• Results in Excel, HTML or PDF format.

How SPORTident worksThe SPORTident system works with a kind of card, similar to a pendrive, each runner carries. During the sporting event, SPORTident card stores the time and numeric codes of checkpoints placed in the path. The SPORTident work autonomously under all weather conditions.


NONSTOP Aventura offers various activities related to formation:

• Design and organization of incentive activities for corporate groups. A motivator and booster for participants by engaging in new experiences in the natural environment and new challenges mechanism shared with colleagues.
• Motivational conferences about our experience in different adventures. Experiences that transmit values of effort, achievement, teamwork, motivation, success and failure, perfectly applicable to a business environment.

Education field:
• Initiation to orienteering in schools
• Extracurricular activities guide
• Talks aimed at training young people based on our experience in different adventures.

Recreational area:
• Orienteering and adventure racing courses and workshops
• Training Camps


We love cycling and adventure. From NONSTOP Aventura, we offer travels as cycling and mountain biking in Euskadi, Navarre and the Pyrenees, you only have to worry about pedaling. If what you like is to combine disciplines, discover our adventure race format travels.



NonStop Tracking es la aplicación perfecta para complementar la organización de tu evento.  Ofrece la posibilidad de hacer un seguimiento online de la prueba, consiguiendo así una mayor difusión, así como mejorar la seguridad de la misma.
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