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Cantabrian Mountains, cycling territory. A paradise for climbing cyclists looking for long and beautiful mountain passes.



The Cantabrian range has innumerable mountain passes of all kinds of hardness and length. On this trip we will discover the best passes in Cantabria and Asturias. Climbs of significant lengths that require continued effort on the ascent. Without forgetting, of course, other ingredients that can make this tour one of the best cycling experiences:

Gastronomy: In Cantabrian coast eating is a pleasure, especially after hitting the pedals well.

Landscapes and rural environment: Enjoying charming towns and spectacular landscapes will be a good reward for the effort made on the bicycle.

Good cycling: La Vuelta has offered us great cycling evenings along these roads, with nervous routes and demanding mountain passes.

This trip will combine all kinds of terrain and landscapes in a demanding but rewarding 6-stage tour that will range between 80 and 120 km per day and with elevation that will range between 1900m and 2500m. A route designed for lovers of mountain cycling, but without neglecting other aspects such as great eating and drinking or the tranquility of the rural environment.


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Route Designer and Trip Leader - Urtzi Iglesias Mota

Urtzi Iglesias has been immersed in the world of adventure racing for more than 20 years, first as a racer and in recent years as an organizer. As captain of Team Columbia Vidaraid he has won numerous races in the Adventure Racing World Series (Ecomotion, Costa Rica AR, Untamed New England, Gold Rush Mother Lode ...) and the second place in two world championships. Urtzi is also a lover of foot and MTB orienteering races, this last modality in which he has won three Spanish championships in recent years. Despite his passion for adventure out of the asphalt, cycling on the road is within his DNA, since it is the sport that has accompanied him since he was 8 years old and which he has never left behind.


Travel Coordinator - Cristina Rico Arechaederra

A graduate in Business Management and Administration from the Deusto University, Cristina Rico has been leading companies in the industrial and service sectors for more than 10 years. A lover of outdoor sports for years, he has been part of the organizing team for a large number of sporting and adventure travel events.

Trip Guide - Jon Ander Arambalza


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In NonStop Aventura we offer other personalized cycling trips in the Pyrenees and other places in the Iberian peninsula.


We also offer customized kayaking, orienteering, trekking and mountain biking tours, in which you will only have to worry about enjoying. If what you like is to combine disciplines, discover our trips in multi-adventure format.

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